IBIScontrol 1.2.0

IBIScontrol for Android makes it possible to control IBIS, cash desk and ticket printer in OMSI 2 (by Aerosoft) on your smartphone or tablet.

Features: -IBIS -Cashdesk -Ticketprinter -Dashboard with speed, door control, control for lights, temperature, next stop, stop request etc.

Supported maps: -All

Supported busses:

Supported Currencies: -DM -Euro

In case of trouble or questions, you can contact me via email. Errors can be reported at

Changes in 1.2.0

  • Support for the euro version of the NG272
  • compatible with Android 6

System Requirements


  • At least version 4.0.3


  • .NET Framework 4.5

To uses this app you also need a plugin for OMSI 2 which you can download via the “Download” button.

In case of Problems

Possible solutions:

  • A firewall blocks the connection. Please add an exception rule for the file node_id_gcw.exe in the folder /OMSI 2/plugins/IBIScontrol_data
  • Antivirus software may block the connection
  • Activate the function “Alternative Port (8080)” in the app settings and the plugin window.



Jonas Elbers · 27.05.2018


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